Individualized Family Service Plan:

The IFSP--is an Individualized Family Service Plan for infants and toddlers from Birth to Three Years of
Age.  An IFSP provides information on the development of a written plan detailing the early intervention
services or supports your child will receive.

All early intervention services must be agreed upon in advance by the child’s parents, included on an
Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), and be provided by qualified personnel.

Early intervention services and/or supports are provided if your child is eligible. The service coordinator
and other early intervention team members will help you to the next step which is the development of a
written plan detailing the early intervention services or supports your child will receive.

The IFSP is the foundation of family centered early intervention services. The IFSP lets you help decide
how early intervention services will help your child and family during their regular routines. During the
IFSP meeting, it is your opportunity to share your hopes and dreams for your child and family with other
members of the team.

The plan is based on your child's strengths and your family's concerns and priorities for your child. The
plan can also assist you to identify what you and your family already have to enhance your child's
development, as well as identify what services you might need.

Early intervention services must be delivered in settings that are consistent with the needs of your child
and family. Considerations must be made to reflect your child's naturally occurring learning
opportunities which are a part of the child's home routines, family activities and community group
activities, but to the maximum extent appropriate are provided in natural environments, including the
home and community settings in which children without disabilities participate.

"Natural environments means settings that are natural or normal for the child's age peers who have no
disabilities." The provision of early intervention services for any infant or toddler occurs in a setting other
than a natural environment only when early intervention cannot be achieved satisfactorily for the infant or
toddler in a natural environment.

Whatever the setting, it must be based upon the strengths and needs of your child.
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